Healthy California Roll

Just roll with it, it’s a sushi party for everyone!

I’ve got two kids 5 and under so “just roll with it” is a motto that I have to live by.  For instance, the fact that my son Ryan keeps ...


Japanese New Year, the Kimoto way…

Happy New Year! Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu. あけましておめでとうございます。 Being Yonsei (fourth generation Japanese born in the US) means that our Japanese New Year celebrations are a mix of both the traditional ...

Bring to a boil

Simple Teriyaki Sauce

I thought I’d post this recipe because it’s basic, it’s easy and I want people to know that authentic Japanese Teriyaki Sauce does NOT contain any thickener like cornstarch or ...

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Soba with Dipping Sauce, Sweet Chili Chicken and Salad with Ponzu Sauce

Noodles are definitely an integral part of Japanese culture and something I grew up eating frequently (and not just Top Ramen!). Even as a fourth generation Japanese-American, my mom would make traditional Udon for New Year’s with dashi soup stock, kamaboko (fish cake), green onions, nori strips and half a soft-boiled egg for topping. The […]

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“Experience the Marukan Difference” Giveaway

So excited that Marukan will be hosting my first giveaway! Take your taste buds on an adventure with a Japanese gourmet treat that brings out the flavor in your favorite foods. Food takes on a new life with Marukan Rice Vinegar. Use it in dressings, dips, sauces, sushi and seasoning veggies, seafood, poultry and beef! […]

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Okasan's Crispy Chicken

Superbowl Crispy Teriyaki Wings

This is a Superbowl Sunday favorite! My mom’s crispy teriyaki wings are so addicting, I can guarantee no one will eat just one… Okasan’s (Mom’s) Chicken Delicious Wings Makes 40 wings     I try not to serve fried food to my kids but my mom’s recipe for these are best extra crispy. Unfortunately, this […]

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It’s Mochi 101, a Japanese New Year’s tradition!

I can hardly believe New Year’s has come and gone, it seemed like our annual mochi making tradition came so quickly.  This year, most of my family came down with the Christmas cold, so my mom and I had some bonding time and made mochi all morning the day after New Year’s.  We documented everything […]

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Easy-peasy Japanesey video debut!

It was a labor of love but my video was recently completed and will hopefully help an interested publisher who sees my cookbook proposal to also put a face with the name. It will be worth watching, I promise!  Also, a big favor to ask of you – my recent assignment from my editor and […]

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Japanese Curry in a Hurry!

Japanese Curry is one of those comfort foods where the smell has such a strong connection for me with growing up.  I definitely remember having this dish in my youth and whenever I eat it, I think about my brother, sister and I sitting around our family table and having my parents ask for the […]

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The versatile Japanese Fuyu Persimmon or Kaki!

(kaki [柿]) or Japanese Persimmon is a wonderfully sweet fruit that is seasonal in the months of October and November.  The Japanese Fuyu variety, as opposed to other varieties that tend to be very bitter when picked, can be eaten like an apple up through to any stage of ripeness. If you’ve seen a kaki […]

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Tuna Tataki with Sesame Soy Vinaigrette

I had a delicious Seared Ahi Tuna the other night as an appetizer at a local restaurant and it inspired me to try to make it at home.  I loved the sesame-soy vinaigrette dressing it was swimming in and thought I could make it a bit heartier if I served it with an avocado and […]

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Apricot-Glazed Asian Pear Tart

You can substitute regular pears in this recipe but the asian pears offer a slight firmness and delicate sweetness to the finished dish that I love!  It’s a bit labor intensive in that you have to glaze your pears 4 times as it’s cooking and while it cools.  This method is what will give it […]

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easy on the beach

Chinese Chicken Salad with easy-peasy dressing

Yes, it is called “Chinese” Chicken Salad but every good 4th Generation Japanese-American has a good “Chinese Chicken Salad” recipe in their collection.  Mine comes from my mom’s cookbook she created with her girlfriends known as “Les Dames”.  I think I’ve talked about them before but these women really know their stuff when it comes […]

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